Best Massage Chair Under 1000


Do you find yourself constantly stressed, drained and de-energized? Does your daily grind do just that…grind you down daily? Do you feel envious when you see how serene the people sitting in chairs in massage parlours look, but does your head drip with sweat when you read the therapy charges and make you want to do a complete U-turn?

Now close your eyes and picture this – whenever you feel stressed out or tired, when the grind gets too much and your body aches and yearns for relief, you simply walk on over, sit down and let your personal masseuse do the rest.

“What about the bills that will send me skyrocketing? I don’t have that kind of money!” you say. Well what if could guarantee you a one-time cost that doesn’t send your head through the roof? And yes, we can! So, come in, browse our top massage chair picks for 2018, take a seat in your very own massage therapy chair…and relax with me!

Health Benefits of Massage Chair Therapy:

Investing in a massage chair not only holds a host of economical advantages, but also offers you a wide range of medical benefits to help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. So, from head to toe, here’s how massage chair therapy can help you become as fit as a fiddle!

  • Head – here is located one of the most important organs in the human body…the brain! The convenience and range of massage therapy options offered by a personal massage chair work harmoniously in sync to reduce stress hormone levels in the body and instantly set your mind at ease, promoting a sense of elevated relief and relaxation. This helps beneficiaries cope with mental conditions such as depression and anxiety and has also been known to significantly ease the condition of chronic mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease improving patient brain response and mental well-being, eventually helping restore dignity and even memory in some cases.
  • Neck – plays a key role and is often easily overlooked. Often times people mistake stress that arises in the neck area for tension felt in the muscles located in the back and shoulder regions and thus fail to take adequate steps to relieve muscle pressure. What people generally don’t understand is the vital role the neck plays in supporting the brain and aligning it with the spinal cord. Massage chairs come equipped with cutting edge body scan technology to ensure your massage is personalized and takes care of every inch of your body. Additionally, the therapeutic air bags and pillows placed strategically at the neck region to hit all your Tsubo points and ensure targeted therapy is administered for rejuvenated muscles.
  • Shoulders and Arms – these do all the heavy lifting and need a well-deserved break without the need to break the bank. Apart from the 3D intelligent body scan technology that ensures any body type receives a customised therapy session, massage chairs also have up to 50 in-built airbags spread throughout the chair, which use multi-airbag air cell compression technology to ensure a gentle yet effective massage is delivered even for the skinniest of arms. High-tech armrest linkage technology automatically adjusts as you adjust the rest of the chair to provide you with uninterrupted relief.
  • Back – the average adult often experiences the most chronic pain in this body region, particularly the lower back. Massage therapy chairs utilize a variety of techniques and therapy types to ease the pain, all at no extra cost and accessible with the tap of a button. Feel the wonders of tapping, kneading, vibration and knocking in relaxing rhythms along your back, and experience the wonders of a Shiatsu massage as you close your eyes and drift off to Tokyo and the scenic cherry blossom trees as the blush pink. These chairs also feature zero gravity technology which is a technique that ensures the user’s body weight is spread out so that the body remains almost weightless during a massage. Some chairs also come with stretch or spinal decompression programs for the ultimate stress buster.
  • Waist and Hips – many massage chairs feature the application of heat therapy for the waist and hips for deep tissue penetration which aids in getting rid of stiff waist syndrome and helps ease the pain and tension caused by lower back aches. Hip vibrators soothe your side muscles and promote better blood circulation. It also helps reduce the effects of cold stomach problems and increases comfort for the user during bouts of constipation while promoting better digestion overall.
  • Buttocks/Gluteals – the best massages are those that provide the most extensive reach to ensure holistic muscle rejuvenation throughout the body, and while the buttocks/gluteals come last, they are most certainly not the least. An S or L-track system design ensures that support is provided all the way down under the seat where a set of vertical airbag/roller movements takes over. Bottom shaping design also ensures constant pressure can be applied to release stress and tension.
  • Legs and Feet – here is where your muscles are most sore and plenty of TLC (tender loving care) is required. Built-in foot massagers make us of roller technology to penetrate special calf points and provide deep muscle stimulation and relief. Heat therapy can also be applied here to replenish the soles of the feet and the latest in innovative technology boasts of CirQlation foot and calf massage therapy which improve blood flow and muscle regeneration in the feet and leave them feeling liberated. Extended calf rests also mean that the massage chairs cater to users with a variety of heights.

For the therapeutic seeking everyday relief at low cost and value for money, purchasing a massage chair is the way to go! Not only does it elevate your quality of life, but also results in a healthier lifestyle in terms of improved blood circulation as a result of increased blood flow, reduced muscle tension through gentle exercise, better spinal alignment as a result of less pressure on nerves overall and lowers lactic acid build up that in turn reduces stress levels. And can therefore be used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, body aches from muscle pain and soreness, and poor spinal posture. It has also been proven to highly effective as a pre-emptive and restorative measure for those suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

Important Features of Massage Chairs to Consider:

Investing in a massage chair is a big deal, and a decision that requires some careful thought and consideration. A first-time buyer usually faces the same dilemma – “Which brands are best in the market?”, “What features are a must-have?” and most importantly “Which chair will give me the best return on my investment?”. Similarly, more experienced buyers scour the market for upgrades and often ask the question “What will give me more value for my money?”. Ultimately, however, every type of stakeholder is looking out for just one thing really – “Which is the best massage chair for me?”.

We at ‘’ have leveraged our expertise in the industry to compile a list of important features we believe should be considered when purchasing a massage chair, so as to help you evaluate and identify the perfect massage chair for you.

1. Brand

When it comes to taking care of your body you want to make sure you only employ the best and most experienced to get hands on. When assessing massage chair organizations/brands, consider:

  • Brand age – companies that have been in the market for 20 years or more
  • Industry vetted – backed by professional bodies or medical experts
  • Customer ratings – 80% or more of positive reviews
  • Product testing – tried and tested for proven results

2. Core Technologies

To lay the foundation for a solid massage chair and therefore a quality massage, make sure your massage chair can tick all the boxes for these must-have technologies:

  • Massages track – fixed frame or L track
  • Therapy mode – roller array or air massage
  • Massage techniques – Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, kneading tapping, knocking, and/or rolling

3. Next-Gen Innovation

If you love your tech gadgets, look for products that offer these innovative features to truly deliver and out-of-this-world experience:

  • Hybrid L/S-track massage
  • 4D roller technology with 6 roller-array
  • Air ionizer
  • LED lights for chromo therapy

4. Therapeutic Features

These features are specifically adapted to provide healing therapy for a range of medical conditions and focus on promoting muscle repair and regeneration:

  • Deep tissue massage (3D or 4D roller technology)
  • Zero gravity seating with body stretch applications
  • Therapeutic heat
  • Point and zone modes

5. Convenience Features

These features are based more on convenience and ease-of-use:

  • Space-saving design
  • Extendable/Hideaway ottoman (for taller users)
  • MP3 support and LED screen
  • Remote control

6. Massage Programs

Different massage programs have different muscle regenerative effects so take your pick from:

  • Automatic programs (pre-set/pre-programmed)
  • Manual programs
  • Both – the best massage chairs offer users the flexibility of both options

7. Customer Support

As with any product, the extent of customer support and after-sales care is vital for a holistic purchasing experience. When purchasing a massage chair, look at:

  • Warranty period – 3-5 years (minimum 1 year)
  • Warranty type – manufacturer, warranty plan administrator, insurance underwriter
  • Ease of installation

8. Cost

Depending on your budget, the range of features receivable generally fall into 1 of these 3 categories:

  • Value/Low-priced chair – 5 features
  • Mid-range chair – 9 features
  • High-end chair – 10 or more features

9. Relax-With-Me’ Recommendations

Our team works meticulously to recommend the top industry picks through our reviews and buying guides, so keep an eye out as you browse through the ‘’ website.

Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 Comparison Table

Product Name Overall
Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair Human Touch iJoy 2580 3 automatic massage programs
BestMassage BM-EC 161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review BestMassage BM EC 161 Increased massage area
Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Review Real Relax Favor 03 4 automatic massage programs
Synca Wellness CirC Massage Chair Review Synca Wellness Circ 5 automatic massage programs
BestMassage Long Rail Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review BestMassage BM E 190 125 cm L-track system
BestMassage EC-06C Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Review BestMassage BM EC-06C 4 automatic massage programs
RealRelax Favor4 Full Body Massage Chair Review Real Relax Favor 4 3-year warranty
Mr Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review Mr Direct Electric Heat therapy
Merax Full Body Massage Recliner Chair Review Merax Full Body 8 massage programs
BestMassage BM EC-69 Massage Chair For Sale BestMassage BM EC 69 4 therapy programmes

# 01. Human Touch iJoy 2580

Relax in the angle of your choice (up to 180 degrees) with the power recline mode or choose from 3 different massage programs to help you feel refreshed, relieved or released from your daily stress and tension.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

The Pros Vs Cons


3 automatic massage programs

Power recline

Removable softening pads

Space saving technology

Auxiliary power outlet

Built-in control panel

Cup holder

Arrives fully assembled


Not suitable for individuals taller than 6 feet


The Human Touch iJoy 2580’s patented and industry vetted technology promises to provide end-to-end relief for your aching muscles, right from the heart of your home.

View the Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair full review.

The Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 Reviewed

# 01. BestMassage BM EC 161

The BM EC 161 is a super chair with super functional advantages! It has a massage area that offers 60% more coverage than its competitors, offers full body, zero gravity shiatsu therapy and is ergonomically designed to ensure the best possible massage at any time.

BestMassage BM-EC 161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

This chair is equipped with next generation sensory that auto-detects and adjusts for different body shapes and sizes and is a particularly good buy for taller users as its long rail feature comes built for users over 6 feet tall.

The Pros Vs Cons


Increased massage area

Intelligent massage programs

Adjustable LED remote

Pressurized leather air pillow

Wheels for movement





The BM EC 161 is everything you are looking for in a modern massage chair, utilizing cutting edge innovation to truly uplift and revitalize your body and mind.

View the BestMassage BM-EC 161 Massage Chair comprehensive review.

# 02. Real Relax Favor 03

Experience the reclining powers of the Favor 03 with the cutting-edge technology of zero gravity, adjustable to different positions, as you sit back on the high quality, high density breathable foam that is comfortable, durable and soft to the touch for the ultimate support.

A full body massage system that works on all your muscles from head to toe! Its feature list comprises of a built-in back massager, arm relaxer, waist heater, hip vibrator, and foot massager that all work in sync to promote better overall blood flow and circulation, healing your mind, body and soul.

Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliners For Sale

The Pros Vs Cons


4 automatic massage programs

Intelligent control panel


Silent air pump

Foot massager

Mid-body relaxer


Doesn’t cater for tall users

Basic instruction manual

Delivery in 2 boxes


The RealRelax Favor-03 offers the best of breed massage techniques through the application of vibrational, heating, rolling and squeezing techniques to provide deep muscle penetration and relief for head to toe muscle stimulation.

View the Real Relax Favor 03 Shiatsu Massage Chair full review.

# 03. Synca Wellness Circ

Its premium design means that it is sleek enough to fit anywhere in your home or office space while the 106 degree angle between the seat and backrest ensures you are in the most comfortable position possible at all times. Feel the difference in your back and hips, and experience fatigue-free nights as the advanced heat therapy takes over to ease away the tension.

Synca Wellness CirC best massage chair reviews

The Pros Vs Cons


34-inch SL track

Heat therapy

5 automatic massage programs

Different intensity levels

106-degree back angle

Ambient side-light near head rest

Remote control


Tricky installation



The Synca Wellness Circ massage chair is modern, sleek, and the talk of the town that offers you more satisfaction than you deserve for the price you pay.

View the Synca Wellness CirC Massage Chair full review.

# 04. BestMassage BM E 190

The BM E 190 is a zero gravity, capsule-style, long rail electric massage chair which delivers Shiatsu massage therapy more effectively with its ultra-long massage reach. It features a range of intelligent technologies to bring you the latest in massage therapy functionalities for a range of heights.

BestMassage Long Rail Zero Gravity top massage chair reviews

This massage chair also places added emphasis on delivering relief to the body’s second heart – the feet – with its extendable calf rest and smart massage mechanism. Experience the combined power of zero gravity, L-track and Shiatsu therapy for a renewed and reenergized mind, body and soul.

The Pros Vs Cons


125 cm L-track system

Zero gravity positioning

Smart massage mechanism

Embedded armrest airbag massager

Extendable calf rest (up to 15 cm)

3-fold pillow design

Roller scraping




Poor instruction manual


The BM E 190 is the ultimate budget buy to provide chiropractic relief in the comfort and convenience of your home.

View the BestMassage BM E 190 Massage Chair full review.

# 05. BestMassage BM EC-06C

One of the top market picks for an electric, full-body Shiatsu massage chair recliner that is both economical and great value for money! The BM EC-06C features four extensive massage therapy programs in addition to the Shiatsu technique it specialises in, to help your muscles Recover, Extend, Relax or Refresh.

BestMassage EC-06C Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Feel the healing powers of the built in S-track roller system, lumbar and foot heat therapy and air bag massage technology hit all the right Tsubo points in your body to refresh and replenish your tired muscles.

The Pros Vs Cons


4 automatic massage programs (percussion, kneading, Shiatsu and tapping)

Ottoman extension

Control panel

Vibrational seat massager

Easy assembly



Basic instruction manual



Let the effects of Shiatsu heat therapy, together with the intelligence of the S-track system, provide end-to-end rest and relaxation for your aching muscles, and provide you with a refreshing boost right in your home.

View the BestMassage BM EC-06C Massage Chair full review.

# 06. Real Relax Favor 4

If you have been wondering what a real relax feels like, the Favor 4 is your best bet to experiencing a full body massage session with the healing effects of zero gravity and Shiatsu therapy.

RealRelax Favor4 Full Body Massage Chair Review

The Favor 4 is ergonomically designed with 4 pre-set massage programs and 50 airbags placed strategically throughout the chair to provide you with the best targeted therapy relief and recliner has to offer. It also delivers the ultimate in massage therapy with features such as the high-quality foam and silent air pump to ensure you receive a truly professional experience.

The Pros Vs Cons


3-year warranty

Zero gravity technology

Intelligent control panel

High quality foam

Silent air pump

Smart remote control

FDA-registered medical device

HD VFD display

MP3 player with Bluetooth and USB


Instructional manual not detailed enough

Different delivery times


The Real Relax Favor 4 is your total body massage chair package, offering the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and value for money.

View the RealRelax Favor4 Full Body Massage Chair full review.

# 07. Mr Direct Electric

Experience the art of the time old Japanese Shiatsu healing therapy with Mr Directs Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. This chair has been optimized to provide an authentic Shiatsu massage featuring highly specialized therapy for strategic muscle relief and relaxation.

Mr Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Additionally, prospective buyers will benefit from the effects of zero gravity and airbag technology, together with a wide range of massage settings, for the best support in the market for this price range.

The Pros Vs Cons


Heat therapy

HD VFD control panel

Delivered pre-assembled




Poor instruction manual


The Mr. Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is a must buy for its value, and has been designed to include all essential features to deliver a truly value-added service.

View the Mr Direct Electric Massage Chair full review.

# 09. Merax Full Body

The Merax Massage Chair is an electric leather lounge/recliner massage chair with space saving and fatigue reducing technology. It features 360 degree embedded seamless air bags and up to 8 different therapy programs for applied deep tissue relief to serve as the ultimate stress buster.

Merax Full Body Massage Recliner Chair Review

Whether at home or in the office, set up your Merax Massage Recliner and select from a wide range of massage settings when you’re in need of a full body stretch, or just simply some pressure relief on our neck and shoulders.

The Pros Vs Cons


8 massage programs

3 level back massage intensity

5 level air bag intensity

Auto recliner and leg extension

Extensive neck and shoulder coverage


Tricky installation


With the Merax Full Body Massager, feel the benefits of air cell technology and deep tissue relief therapy, and allow the novel two-way massage system to work its magic on those kinks and knots to get rid of muscle soreness.

View the Merax Full Body Massage Chair full review.

# 10. BestMassage BM EC 69

The BM EC 69 is not just any massage chair, it is a two-in-one massage chair and recliner bed – a chair-bed! A popular choice for its affordability and value for money, this is a full body therapy chair that comes equipped with a range of first class ergonomic innovations.

BestMassage BM EC-69 Massage Chair For Sale

Let the effects of authentic Shiatsu therapy take over your mind as you recline back and enjoy one (or all!) of 4 massage therapy programs that administer a mix of action techniques (kneading, rolling, percussion, compression, tapping and flapping) to improve muscle elasticity and regeneration. The chop-action tapping and flapping techniques in particular promote nerve stimulation and repair.

The Pros Vs Cons


4 therapy programmes

Ergonomic design

Highly durable

Remote control

Adjustable height (5ft – 6ft 2 in)




The BM EC 69 is an all-inclusive massage therapy chair that brings you the best of both worlds in terms of therapy and relaxation, offering up to 4 different programs suited for a variety of needs.

View the BestMassage BM EC-69 Massage Chair full review.

Summary of the Best Massage Chairs 2018

So, whether you are looking for comfort or convenience, a good feel or a good look, or an industry vetted medical device, our list of the ’10 Massage Chairs Under $1000’ has been compiled to offer you a range of top massage therapy chairs that are affordable, economical, and great value for your money.