Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair Review


Embrace the power of shiatsu healing for a clearer mind, body and soul!

The art of Shiatsu is a time old Japanese healing technique that consists of the use of fingers, feet and palms to apply pressure to various points of the human body and thus relieve pressure.

It promotes spiritual healing and well-being.

But where can you find the perfect Shiatsu healer that is both authentic and affordable?

Fear not, the Best Massage BM E358 is here so you can enjoy the best of both worlds right from the heart of your home!

This massage chair comes fully assembled, featuring a curved long rail design and wireless Bluetooth speaker and USB charger to bring you the ultimate bargain in modern luxury and comfort for more strategic muscle relief and relaxation.

Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair Shiatsu

Quick Overview Of the Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair

The Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair is a curved long rail massage chair that specializes in the art of Shiatsu massage therapy. Therapy is highly specialized and focuses on massaging the skin layer to release muscle tiredness and fatigue. It offers highly concentrated and specialized massage services for a market value, making it a popular option for happy customers globally.

Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair Review

Name: Best Massage BM E358
Rated Voltage: 110-120 V
Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
Rated Power 45 W

Key Features Of the Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair

Automatic Massage Programs

The BM E358 Shiatsu Massage Chair features 3 different automatically pre-set massage programs of varying therapy type and intensities that offer a range of massage services to users. These include kneading (brings in an element of the human touch by gently applying pressure to stimulate the skin and muscles), knocking (massage the skin surface to release fatigue) and a combo of kneading and tapping to ease aching muscles.

SL-shaped Curved Rail

Experience the comforts of a full body massage with this next generation ergonomic design. The SL-type space curved technology has been specially developed to suit the body’s frame and structure, and providing concentrated therapy from your shoulders to your thighs.

Bottom Shaping Design

4 airbags are strategically placed on either side of the seat. The constant pressure applied by the inflation and deflation of the air bags effortlessly releases all stress and tension in the hip, lower back and buttocks. An extra seat cushion is also available which can be adjusted accordingly to increase or decrease the massage strength.

Space Saving Technology

Space saving design helps preserve the spacing and maintain an open environment in your home without any disruption. This ensures that it fits in with your existing furniture, and is not bulky and out of place in your home.

We Like

  • Light weight with hidden wheels for easy movement around your house or office space.
  • Extremely wallet friendly.
  • Control buttons inserted in to arm rest for convenience and one touch control.
  • Unique 3D surround sound with Bluetooth enabled audio for a more relaxing massage experience.
  • Armrest designed with a convenient phone slot to store your mobile device in while enjoying that massage.
  • Comes fully assembled.

We Don’t Like

Supports a maximum load of 199 pounds (90 kg).

Video of the Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair

Best Massage BM E358
Best Massage BM E358 Best Massage Chair
Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair For Sale
Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair Shiatsu
Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair
Best Massage BM E358 Space Saving Massage Chair
Best Massage BM E358
Fully Assembled Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair

Alternatives to the Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair

If you decide that this chair is not for you, there are lots of other choices out there. You can try the Ideal Massage, Mr Direct Electric, Merax, BestMassage BM-EC 161, RelaxOnChair MK-II PLUS, BestMassage Long Rail or RealRelax Favor4.

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The Best Massage BM E358 Massage Chair is uniquely designed for a lighter massage touch that focuses on relieving tension on the skins surface.

It utilizes the time-old technique of Shiatsu healing to gently tap, knead and knock your muscles back to life.

And together with the 3D surround sound, it provides you with a holistic and calming massage experience which you can enjoy from any space you desire. It is a steal for its price, and will truly deliver one of the best massages to you, day in and day out.