Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair Review


The full featured shiatsu chair, for your spiritual well-being!

Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, and is a Japanese massage technique that consists of the use of fingers, feet and palms to apply pressure to various points of the human body and thus relieve pressure.

It is believed to be a more spiritual approach to healing and a happy and healthy life. Sound appealing to you?

Wondering where you can find an authentic Shiatsu practitioner without having to actually travel to Japan?

Well look no further, Ideal Massage’s full featured Shiatsu Chair can offer you the same comforts right from your home!

Experience the benefits of this time old technique, carefully refined over the centuries.

Ideal Massage’s Shiatsu Chair has both auto and manual massage programs for a range of specially designed massage programs, and is built with zero gravity and 3D intelligent technology to ensure the best possible therapeutic relief for your mind, body and soul.

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning

Quick Overview Of the Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair is a full featured, zero-gravity massage chair with built in heating that is ideal for deep tissue massage. It is a popular choice amongst customers looking for affordability and value for money for basic massage chair options.

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Name: Ideal Massage
Net Weight: 210 pounds
Chair Dimension (LxWxH): 53 x 33 x 49 Inches
Rated Voltage: 120V
Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
Rated Power 20-230W

Key Features Of the Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair

3D Intelligent Detection Technology

The in-built S-track rolling system is vertically integrated and is designed to deliver hand-like massages that make you feel as if your own personal Shiatsu practitioner is in the room with you. The massage motion works the user’s vertebrae to ensure all stress and strain is relieved, and relaxes the body’s nerves for improved spinal posture.

3 Different Zero Gravity Positions

Zero gravity is a technique that ensures the user’s body weight is spread out so that the body remains almost weightless during a massage. There are 3 different adjustable levels, with the fully reclined level offering users a therapeutic effect which can be felt almost immediately.

Kneading Balls

The Shiatsu Massage chair also features 6 kneading balls that haven been integrated in to the chair’s foot massager component. The kneading balls have been specially positioned at the sole area of the foot massager to offer deep tissue penetration and provide relief to users during the massage process.


A key feature of the Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair is the therapeutic airbags it comes with. These are available for all key body areas including shoulders, calves, feet and arms and provide the ultimate air massage to get the kinks out from your tired and sore muscles.

We Like

  • Integrated heating system in the backseat applies heat therapy to warm your body and relieve it of any stiffness.
  • The continuous massage setting provides users with the opportunity to have an uninterrupted massage period of up to 30 minutes long.
  • Zero gravity ensures the user’s weight is spread across his/her body and relieves stress for a more intense massage experience.

We Don’t Like

The chair can get noisy, so make sure you plug in your earphones with a tranquil sound track to get the best rest and relaxation possible.

Video of the Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair Review
Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair For Sale
Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning
Full Body Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair
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Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chairs For Sale
Zero Gravity Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair
Ideal Massage Shiatsu Best Massage Chair

Alternatives to the Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you decide that this chair is not for you, there are lots of other choices out there. You can try the Kahuna LM-6800, Osaki OS-4000, BestMassage EC-06C, Mr Direct Electric, Merax, RelaxOnChair MK-II PLUS, Human Touch iJoy-2580 or Human Touch WholeBody 5.1.


The Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair is ergonomically engineered to bring you that much deserved rest and relaxation, right from your living room!

The Shiatsu technique relieves body fatigue and offers deeper levels of relaxation and relief. Kneading and spinal rolling applies pressure to the right points to elevate tension in the body and untie knots in stressed or taught muscles.

And the vibrational massage option gently squeezes muscles to dilate the user’s blood vessels and promote healthy blood flow and circulation throughout your body.